Marlene Gudman


What’s the name of  your company?

Gudman Consulting & Passion Company (I’m not registered in NL yet).


What is your expertise?

Talent development, Strengths development, coaching & facilitation in an international perspective. Leadership development and team development. Expatriation Mgt. and Career Coaching. Overall general HR corporate background having delivered various corporate development programmes mainly based on the strengths philosophy.
I have enjoyed more than 18 years in the global HR and Consulting industry working for different blue chip companies such as Novo Nordisk, Ernst & Young and NNIT (Novo Nordisk IT) on both a national, regional and international level, having lived and worked in various countries. I also work as a key motivator, I am a certified yoga teacher and a certified facilitator.


What is your favourite quote?

I have two favorite quotes:

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not the man who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” by Nelson Mandela

“Learn to fail or fail to learn” by Tal Ben-Shahar


What is your vision as a coach/ trainer/ advisor and what type of impact would you like to have?

I believe in improving our world by making the world a happier, positive and more authentic place by using strengths to unleash potential around the world. My passion is clearly development of people into wholebeings, where people follow their heart, use their unique talents and flourish as whole human beings thus bringing the best to the table and the world around them.


What kind of clients will benefit the most from you?

  • International corporate clients
  • International citizens / expats
  • Entrepreneurs and start up
  • People who wants a “whole person” strengths approach
  • Clients wanting to improve the quality of the relationships between people from different cultures within their organisation


What are your natural talents that you most value?

  • Caring relationship builder, who is able to build long lasting relationships all over the world across different cultures and at all levels in the organisation
  • Creative & Strategic minded person, who is able to think outside the box and challenges status quo
  • Persuasive person, who enjoys selling an idea with enthusiasm
  • Result oriented person, who likes to create business results or changes in organisations or communities


Marlene’s contact details:


Address:     Selma Lagerlooflaan 5,  2553DB, Den Haag

Tel:             +31 6 14 46 92 92