Strengthscope® Practitioners are trainers, coaches and organisational consultants from various industry sectors that have gone through the Strengthscope® certification process

They are Psychologists, Speech therapist, HR recruitment specialists, Trainers, Career & Cross cultural Coaches, Life Coaches, Counsellor, Vitality management experts, organizational advisors, managers and teachers. All of whom have a genuine passion for the strengths philosophy and bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the strengths-based way of people assessment and development. They offer services to organisations that are looking to improve the employee-job fit, employee performance, employee motivation, leadership effectiveness and team effectiveness, through the leveraging of the natural talents & strengths of employees. If you would like to know more about the benefits of becoming an accredited strengthscope® practitioner, please click here for an introductory meeting.

Within the community we refer clients to each other based on the required expertise; we combine our expertise and do acquisition together; we share big volume business; we support each other in growing our businesses and learn & have fun during the Strengthscope® conference.

If you are looking for an Accredited Strengthscope® Practitioner to work with, please scroll down to view some of the available practioners. You can contact them directly by using the search criteria below.