Why companies use strengthscope®

Organisations use Strengthscope® because they understand that by focusing on building people’s strengths, they can have a positive impact on:

    • Employee engagement & motivation
    • Overall company performance
    • Team effectiveness
    • Leadership effectiveness
    • Change readiness of employees
    • Innovation & creativity
    • Career development
    • General resilience and well-being of employees

Strengthscope® is being used by top organizations in over 160 countries worldwide!

The most comprehensive strengths assessment system available!

The modern strengths-based approach to managing people has been around for nearly 20 years.

The central premise is that focusing on strengths is a more powerful way of accelerating learning and performance in organizations because it unlocks people’s passion and energy, helping them achieve excellence in areas more aligned with their natural strengths and personality.

The strengths approach doesn’t ignore weaker areas and other performance risks (including overdone strengths and psychological barriers such as poor self-confidence).

This approach offers tremendous potential and promotes more solutions-based performance and development conversations that helps people find innovative and powerful ways to apply their strengths, whilst at the same time reducing the impact of their weaker areas.

Strengthscope® provides a comprehensive insight into all of these elements and is currently the only strengths assessment system in the world with a 360 feature that has been certified by the British Psychology Society.

Strengthscope® supports the release of positive energies, talents and strength of employees @ work!

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