Esther Akpomukai

What’s the name of  your company?

Light Up Your Talent


What is your expertise?

I work as a Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Speaker in the field of Talent management & Energy optimisation.

Concretely this means that I work with leaders to help them bring out the best of themselves in their leadership roles enabling them to create an environment that will allow their employees to flourish. I work with teams to help them become more effective in the way the team members work with each other in achieving their goals. Leveraging the existing talents and diversity in the team, bringing more harmony, energy, creativity & innovation, performance & engagement into the team.


What is your favourite quote?

Manage your energy not your time (Tony Schwartz).


What is your vision as a coach/ trainer/ advisor and what type of impact would you like to have?

I believe that every individual has been gifted with talents. The task for most of us is to learn to recognise and unwrap our talent gifts and discover how we can bring them to life to benefit not only ourselves but others as well. This journey is where I can be of support as I use my gift of helping others see who they are authentically. In essence they go through the journey of recognising themselves, accepting themselves and strengthening themselves. And in so doing become masters of their own talents!


What kind of clients will benefit the most from you?

In essence, any one who is ready to embark on the journey of self awareness and self empowerment. I also work with leaders and senior executives in organisations in the area of Personal development, Leadership development & Team development.


What are your natural talents that you most value?

  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Critical thinking
  • Enthusiasm


Esther’s contact details:


Address:     Amstelveen

Tel:              +31 652 860 453