Stella Petrova

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What is your expertise?

I work as a communications consultant and Learning and development professional. I have a bachelor degree of International Communication Management from the Hague University of Applied Science. My humble experience consists of two internships in the area of event organization, online advertising, web design and web development. I have a passion for photography and psychology.


What is your favourite quote?



What is your vision as a coach/ trainer/ advisor and what type of impact would you like to have?

I have always taken communication for granted, in the sense that I did not bring it to the attention of my awareness until recently. Suddenly life events opened my eyes to that communication, which does not always require words and is not always verbal. Communication can occur for example between the nature and you or between two people exchanging only eye contact. The message of the communication is what matters here and not so much the tools that you will use when communication occurs. My methods, when conveying a message, always include asking the question “Is it right?”, based on reasoning and emotions.


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What are your natural talents that you most value?

  • Adaptability
  • Optimism
  • Initiative
  • Developing others
  • Problem solving


Stella’s contact details:


Address:     Startbaan 8, 1185XR Amstelveen

Tel:              +31 634 318 636